September  9 - 13,  2020


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Mario Di Pasquale - Italy

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Mario Di Pasquale has been playing music of various genres for years. In recent years he has mainly performed the Italian folk music. He plays classical guitar and sings, and also writes songs. He participated in several folk music festivals.

Yijing Wu - China

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A young musician who in 2010 got a Guzheng Grade 10 Certificate. In 2008 she won the third (bronze) prize at the Chinese Culture Festival, as a soloist in a children`s band, also in 2012 silver prize in the category of youth and „Jingle Cup“ at 2015.
Musician presented by Confucius Institute at Vilnius University.

Yuko Yamasaki - Japan

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Žemyna Trinkūnaitė - Lithuania

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Žemyna's acquaintance with the Lithuanian folk music began in her parents home, the famous Lithuanian folklore enthusiasts family. She learnt how to play kanklės (lithuanian kind of zither) as she studied in Balys Dvarionas Music School. Later on she made compositions for diatonic kanklės, sang in the ensembles „VISI“, „Kūlgrinda“ and Art Academy folk ensemble. In 2013 she released a CD called „Nine-string kanklės – 17 compositions“ who fell into the list of 11 unexpected Lithuanian music albums. She performed to the audiences in Poland, Czech Republic, the USA, Sweden, Russia. Her original compositions are inspired by the Lithuanian harmonies, chords and intonations. Every time the melodies sound different, improvised as the author does not write the notes down – every time she plays them by heart.

Ethno music band “Ratilai” - Lithuania

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 The band was founded in Vilnius in 1996 by students who became professionals. As ethno music is not a stage music, youthful energy and good mood of musicians involves the audience to dance, sing, play Lithuanian folk games.
In 1996 “Ratilai” released the CD “20”.
Concerts of “Ratilai” take place not only in Lithuania, but all around the world.
The main goal of the band is to retain and continue Lithuanian countryside music tradition.

 Ethno music band „Noragas“ - Lithuania

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The band performs traditional works of Aukštaitija in a musical manner typical to this region. The minimal number
of instruments, virtuosity of the performers and the preserved old music traditions are the business card of

 Ethno music band „Ryna“ - Lithuania

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The band gathered two years ago. During this period of activity, they participated in international folklore
festival “Parbėk laivelis” in Klaipėda, twice - in the festival of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian rural
musicians and choirs “Ant rubežiaus” in Šiauliai, gave concerts at various events.


Ethno music band „Raskila“ - Lithuania

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In 1988 after the formation of the Panevėžys folklore ensemble "Raskila" a traditional chapel was formed.
The ensemble lives in Panevėžys the capital of Aukštaitija, therefore the repertoire mostly includes Aukštaitija melodies: waltzes, polkas, foxtrots, fun dances and songs. The band consists of performers playing violins, harmonicas, bass and drums. In 2014 folklore ensemble "Raskila" together with the traditional chapel was recognized as the best folklore ensemble in the city and awarded "Aukšto paukšte".

 Ethno music band “Muzikontai iš pa Utenas“ - Lithuania

lietuva muzikontai

In the traditional ethno music band “Muzikontai iš pa Utenas” plays musicians of three generations - Rima Garsonienė (small drum) and Raimondas Garsonas (St.Petersburg harmonica) with their daughter Aušrinė (violin) and eldest traditional musician Rimas Valentas Trainys (St. Petersburg harmonica). The repertoire of the ensemble is based on the musical legacy of the best musicians and singers from Aukštaitija, primarily from Utena. The ensemble actively performs at international, republican and other events and have achieved multiple awards.

 Ethno music band “Sietynėlis” - Lithuania

lietuva sietynelis

The traditional countryside orchestra of the Utena art school “Sietynėlis” continues the traditions of
instrumental music of its region.. In the hands of young people sounds the centuries-old “petersburgian” harmonica, a violin and a small drum. The repertoire consists of works performed by Rimas Valentas Trainys from Utena and other compositions performed using “petersburgian” harmonica. "Sietynėlis" performs concerts, have won prizes at international, republican and other events. The ensemble is led by ethnomusicologist Rima Garsonienė.



Festival events

Exhibition of photographs by Vytautas Daraškevičius in the Small Hall of Vilnius Teachers' House

Vytautas Daraškevičius who photographs folklore events and ethnographic festivals, often works in “Griežynė“. This festival showcases his exhibition where you will see many authentic Lithuanian traditional music performers playing a variety of instruments.

World music evening in the White Hall of Vilnius Teachers' House

A guest from Japan Yuko Yamasaki with her teacher Žemyna Trinkūnaitė are participating. Yuko Yamasaki - wife of the Ambassador of Japan in Lithuania - Shiro Yamasaki. She plays a Lithuanian plucked string instrument known as "kanklės" along with her teacher Žemyna Trinkūnaitė.

Meeting with folk artist Jonas Bugailiškis in his workshop

Many Lithuanian and foreign folklore ensembles or individual performers play music with harps, horns and drums made by Jonas Bugailiškis - an inventive wood carver, sculptor and creator of folk instruments. Traditionally the participants of the festival will visit the cozy workshops of a folk artist in the Old Town of Vilnius: it is always a pleasure to visit and listen to a smooth speech of the artist, admire his works and play music. Guests will have a unique opportunity to see the birth of musical instruments in the hands of a skillful craftsman.

Presentation of the publication “Lithuanian Traditional Musical Instruments”, concert of Lithuanian musicians at the Lithuanian National Museum

Exhibitions of Lithuanian folk wind and string instruments were exhibited at the “Griežynė“ festival on the basis of which the publication “Lithuanian Traditional Musical Instruments” was published. During the presentation of the publication you will hear Lithuanian traditional musical instruments.

Lithuanian folklore concert "Evaldas Vyčinas and Friends" in the White Hall of Vilnius Teachers' House

Fans of Lithuanian traditional music know well the wonderful musician, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Evaldas Vyčinas. Small horns, instruments made of peel or wood (lamzdeliai), Lithuanian plucked string instrument known as "kanklės", bagpipes, cymbals, violins and probably everything that can be played are subordinate to him. The performer leading the folk ensemble "Visi" stands out with a special manner of playing.

Performances of festival guests in Vilnius restaurants and pubs

It is a great opportunity to chat directly with the guests of the festival, listen to folk music, refresh and dine in beautiful surroundings. We are waiting for you in Užupis cafe, beer bar "Šnekutis", restaurants "Bernelių užeiga", "Burbulio vyninė" and "Country Heroes".

Folklore workshops in the White Hall of Vilnius Teachers' House

In this traditional event of “Griežynė“ guests will present their instruments, share about the production, musical traditions, demonstrate the manner of performing traditional repertoire with their instruments. Workshop hostess – ethnomusicologist Dr. Gaila Kirdienė.

The big concert of the festival in the Great Hall of Vilnius Teachers' House

The main event of the festival during which participants and guests showcase the most beautiful and valuable works of their repertoire. It's a great opportunity for listeners to hear and see all the musicians together.

Trips of festival participants to Ramygala, Miežiškės (Panevėžys district) and Margionis, Marcinkonis (Dzūkija National Park), Varėna

It became a beautiful tradition to bring the festival in to different places of Lithuania. The villages still have enthusiasts of folk music who will perform to the festival guests. The guests will learn about the everyday life and music of rural people, taste delicious Lithuanian dishes, and will demonstrate their art.




         Author Daiva Klovienė





Yuko Yamasaki, Žemyna Trinkūnaitė, Dalia Šukienė - Japan/Lithuania
Yuko Yamasaki, Žemyna Trinkūnaitė, Dalia Šukienė - Japan/Lithuania
Ethno music band "Ryna" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Ryna" - Lithuania
Yijing Wu - China
Ethno music band "Noragas" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Noragas" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Žibinyčia" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Žibinyčia" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Muzikonta iš pa Utenas" - Lithuania
Mario di Pasquale ir Algirdas Klova - Italy/Lithuania
Ethno music band "Sietynėlis" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Sietynėlis" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Raskila" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Raskila" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Ratilai" - Lithuania
Ethno music band "Ratilai" - Lithuania