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September  8 -12, 2010



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Kapela Mazowiecka - Poland

Kapela Mazowiecka (Poland) plays authentic folk music from Northern and Western parts of Polish region of Masovia. The instruments used by the band are among the oldest and most typical for the area. They include the first fiddle, the second fiddle and the upright bass (bassola). Such a set is recalled by elder inhabitants of Masovia as "the most ancient". Occassionaly folk bands were also accompanied by the clarinet in key "C".
The bass could be of a full-scale double bass or od the size of a cello.
"Kujawiak" has been one of the most popular folk dances. It is an uneven beat, whirling dance widely known in Masovia. Interestingly, local folkspeople remeber a unique dance called "obertas". It also has an uneven beat and tunes to which it is danced are similar to both "kujawiak" and "oberek". Kapela Mazowiecka performs all sort of dance melodies, including kujawiak, obertas, okrąglak (from Kurpie region), oberek and chodzony (also known as "Polish" or "polonaisse" and presently forgotten among country people). Kapela plays also mellodies such as: żabka, polka-mazur, polka, powolniak, owczarek, żuraw, mazur, mazurek. BARTOSZ NIEDŹWIEDZKI leading fiddle, clarinet C, bagpipe
BARBARA SONGIN second fiddle, frame-drum, vocal
AGNIESZKA NIWIŃSKA basetla (folk bass), frame-drum, baraban (big drum), vocal
MATEUSZ NIWIŃSKI fiddle, basetla (folk bass) http://www.kapelamazowiecka.waw.pl



Bagpiper, master of instruments, the leader of the group "Testamentum terrae“.


Dzianis Sukhi - Belarus Baltarusija2

Andris, Aida Kapusts and group "Grodi"  - Latvia

It is a family duet. Andris Kapusts is an folklorist, multiinstrumentalist, organizer of various festivals, musical events and seminars, founder and leader of folklore group "Grodi", the author of world music project "Arpus Laika". Together with his wife Aida Rancane, who is a daughter of good folk fiddler, they play Latvian folk music from various regions and times. Besides restoring and reproducing archaic folklore the couple creates their own model of musical folklore.




Events of festival:

Wednesday, September 8th
4 p.m. Opening of the exhibition “Lithuanian Folk Music Instruments“ and concert

at The National Museum (Arsenalo str. 1)
The National Museum has become a frequent holder of “Griežynė” events. The exhibition in the museum displays the old and newly made Lithuanian folk music instruments that have been collected by The National Museum, Panevėžys Regional Museum, Ukmergė Regional Museum, and Povilas Stulga Museum of Folk Music Instruments. You will hear the sounds of the instruments in the concert.
7 p.m. Folkjazz music evening at Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39). Participants: Vydraga, Arūnas Šlaustas, Adelė ir Emilija Vaiginytės, Matas Macevičius
The evening concert presents the composition “Skamba, skamba“ by Algirdas Klova. The composition was created a short period of time ago for the festival “Skamba skamba kankliai“ (2010). The composition holds 10 parts that integrate various Lithuanian melodies and songs among which the main are youth-love and wedding songs.
The axis of the composition is the instrumental folklore group “Vydraga“. At present “Vydraga“ plays various folk music of Lithuania and other countries, interprets it in an original manner, takes part in various projects with representatives of other music genres. Among these projects the most outstanding are folklore music projects and CD with Roger Watson (England) and Tatsuya Okabayashi (Japan), jazz musicians Vladimiras Čekasinas, Skirmantas Sasnauskas and others. This time, a great jazz pianist, master of improvisation and composer Arūnas Šlaustas takes part in the composition.
In the concert you will also hear three schoolchildren from Vilnius B.Dvarionas Music School, folklore class: Adelė ir Emilija Vaiginytės, multiinstrumetalist and the winner of “Tramtatulis“ contest Matas Macevičius.

Thursday, September 9th
5 p.m. Opening of the photo exhibition “Griežia GRIEŽYNĖ“ by Virgilijus Usinavičius

at Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39)
Photographer Virgilijus Usinavičius has been recording the moments of “Griežynė“ since the first its event. Hundreds of memorable pictures have been made and the most vivid of them are displayed in the small exhibition.
6 p.m. Children‘s folk concert “The Little Fiddlers“

at Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39)
It is adorable when children play music. It is fantastic when they play authentic folklore music. Fortunately there is a great number of the young folklore musicians and that was proved in the contest “Tramtatulis“. Let us admire them playing!

Friday, September 10th
6 p.m. Concert by traditional intrumental music groups, the winners of “Aukso paukštė“

at Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39)
There are nine winners of “Aukso paukštė“. The following groups will take part in the concert: “Dziedukai“, “Vydraga“, “Duja“, “Rataa“, “Salako muzikantai“, “Sutaras“ and Kriščiūnai family band.
8 p.m. “Folk Party and Dances“ at Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39)
The folk party invites everyone who grumbled about the lack of dance parties in the festival. Just dance and the greatest Lithuanian bands, the winners of “Aukso paukštė” will play for you.

Saturday, September 11th
3 p.m. Folk workshop at the parlour of Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39)
In this traditional event of the festival the guests will present instruments of their region and will tell about how the instruments are made and what music playing traditions they have, they will also demonstrate the manner of performance and typical repertoire.
6 p.m. The big GRIEŽYNĖ concert in the Main Hall of Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39)
This is the main event of the festival in which the guests as well as musicians from Lithuania will demonstrate the most beautiful and precious pieces of their repertoire. It is a great chance for the listener to hear and see all the musicians of the festival on one stage. The big concert often holds some pleasant surprises. This year we will hear many of them.

Sunday, September 12th
2 p.m. Concert of refined folk instruments “The Sounds of Kankles and Reed-pipes“

at Vilnius Teachers‘ House (Vilniaus str. 39)
Kankles is an old string Lithuanian folk music instrument which alongside with reed-pipes originated in the times of shepherds. Still the time flies. In the concert you will hear pieces by composers of Lithuania and other countries performed by refined kankles and reed-pipes. The compiler of the programme is Kastytis Mikiška.
2 p.m. Concert by bagpipers

at A. and J. Juškos ethnic culture museum in Vilkija (Kaunas distr.)
Bagpipe is called the pipe of Labanoras forest by folk people. It is popular in Lithuania as well in some other neighbouring countries. In the concert you will hear bagpipers from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.
4 p.m. The final GRIEŽYNĖ concert at Zalensai homestead, “Gegužinių” valley (Padubysys village, Vilkija eldership, Kaunas distr.)
The festival traditionally closes at hospitable homestead of Romas and Eimantas Zalensai. Right there, in Padubysys village, “Gegužinių” valley , in this wonderful shelter of nature and open air museum of folk sculptures, on timbered stage the guests of the festival will perform for the last time. Lithuanian musicians will join them as well. The harmony of the concert will also be enriched by the melodies performed by musicians from our neighbouring countries.